College Media Podcast: Alicia Keene, Graduate Executive Director, The Hub@TTU, Texas Tech University

Alicia Keene is a graduate student at Texas Tech University, pursuing a dual master’s in mass communications and business. She earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism in May 2014 from Texas Tech, graduating as the College of Media & Communication’s valedictorian. Keene serves as the graduate executive director of The Hub@TTU, an independent student-run, digital news outlet. She previously served as the outlet’s news director and enterprise editor.

During our chat, Keene discusses the Hub’s editorial aims, secrets to success and the leadership style she’s found most effective. She also offers some tips for student journalists similarly interested in launching and running a full-blown news start-up. And she even drops a life and management lesson she took away from a recent episode of “Game of Thrones.” :)

For those interested, here are links to a few things Keene mentions in the podcast:

“American Dream, Mexican Nightmare”

“The Lack of Title X Funding”

“West Texas Water Issues”

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