College Media in Action #10: Ka Leo Editors at U. of Hawaii Vote on Cover Page

College Media in Action is a CMM photo series aiming to provide glimpses of student journalists and college media outlets at work (or kicking back) — in the newsroom, the classroom, the field, the dorm or at an unofficial sacred journalist hangout of some sort.


Editors at Ka Leo O Hawaiʻi, the student newspaper at University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, vote on ideas for the cover of a recent weekly print issue. From left to right: opinions editor Angusina Campbell, associate news editor Courtney Teague, associate sports editor David McCracken and (in the Batman T-shirt) associate features editor Ikaika Shiveley.
The “Proceed with Caution” sign in the background hangs above the entrance to the newsroom. According to Ka Leo editor-in-chief Alex Bitter, it “serves as a cautionary goodbye for staffers who are on their way out to cover a story — almost a sort of ‘Godspeed’ for our reporters, especially as they tackle tough assignments.” Photo by Ka Leo photo editor Mathew Ursua. Provided courtesy of Bitter.

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