College Media in Action #8: Koi Fish & a Quiet Moment During Production Night at Pitt News

College Media in Action is a CMM photo series aiming to provide glimpses of student journalists and college media outlets at work (or kicking back) — in the newsroom, the classroom, the field, the dorm or at an unofficial sacred journalist hangout of some sort.


A pair of staffers at The Pitt News, the student newspaper at the University of Pittsburgh, enjoy a moment of mental and mobile reflection. Assistant opinions editor Courtney Lindner is on the left and copy chief Ellie Petrosky is on the right. The tattoo partially visible on Lindner’s right leg depicts “a koi fish swimming upstream through tangles of lotus flowers.” As Lindner wrote in a Pitt News piece last month, it is two-and-a-half-feet long, stretching from her shoulder to beneath her hip and represents “a motif for success.” Photo by Pitt News visual editor Theo Schwarz. Provided courtesy of editor-in-chief Natalie Daher.

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