College Media in Action #5: Crouching Panther, Bound Archives at The Pitt News

College Media in Action is a CMM photo series aiming to provide glimpses of student journalists and college media outlets at work (or kicking back) — in the newsroom, the classroom, the field, the dorm or at an unofficial sacred journalist hangout of some sort.


Shawn Cooke, arts & entertainment editor of The Pitt News at the University of Pittsburgh, searches through the student newspaper’s archives — which contain issues stretching back more than a century. According to editor-in-chief Natalie Daher, the newsroom actually houses two sets of archives — the one in which Cooke is crouching is located between a professional staffer’s office and the main newsroom space where editors’ cubicles are located. Photo by Pitt News visual editor Theo Schwarz. Provided courtesy of Daher.

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