2015 Student Newspaper National Championship: A College Media March Madness Bracket

As the first round of the men’s college basketball tournament plays out in arenas nationwide, it’s time to publicly post what I daresay is the only college media March Madness bracket. In making my selection decisions, I didn’t give a second thought to the hoops squads’ wins, losses, field goal percentage, assists and steals. I focused instead on student newspaper scoops, headlines, ledes, free press fights and social media awesomeness.

Welcome to the 2015 Student Newspaper National Championship, a mostly lighthearted attempt by a college media geek to spotlight some of the top campus papers in the U.S.

Like last year, I followed five very informal rules I hatched myself:

1) Student newspapers advance mainly due to their current and recent editorial quality and spirit of innovation.

2) In tight match-ups (there were many), buzzer beaters such as Twitter follower totals, viral successes, editorial triumphs, ACP Pacemaker awards, CMA Pinnacle awards, a kick-butt website and a recent positive spotlighting in a CMM post can all make a difference.

3) I purposefully make decisions fast, sometimes with a shrug, a smile and a shake of the head. (I mean, dear lord, in the scheme of things, how do you genuinely pick either The University Daily Kansan or the Indiana Daily Student, The State News or The Red & Black, The Daily Bruin or The Oklahoma Daily?) I also force myself to ignore the absurdity of some fantastic papers’ absences. To offer a small remedy, I offer a visual shout-out to roughly 30 pubs in this post, below the main bracket.

4) I remain almost wholly positive — picking “winners” based on papers’ successes, not others’ shortcomings or failures.

5) The selections center solely on student newspapers — not the relative seeds of the basketball teams, affiliated journalism programs or other student media at the schools.

So without further ado, here is my ridonkulously silly, pseudo student newspaper national championship. Click on the bracket screenshot below to see the full-sized version.

My big winner, by the way: The University Daily Kansan at KU.





CMM Stories Involving the Tournament’s Student Media Teams

Exponent Student Newspaper Sues Purdue for Surveillance Video Footage
College Media News: Daily Texan Still Waiting for Help
Daily Texan Editor: ‘Why Does the University of Michigan Insist on Secrecy?’
Kansan at KU Goes Digital-First, Shifting to Twice-Weekly Print Edition
ACP Story of the Year Spotlight: Emily Donovan, University Daily Kansan
Kansan Calls Out KU for Mishandling Student Rape Case
‘Publishing a Rapist’s Perspective’: Emerald Runs Piece by Sex Offender
Daily Mississippian Op-Ed ‘Dear White Gays’ Goes Viral
Football Fun: Ole Miss, Miss. St. Student Papers Honor Teams’ Successes
College Media in Action #1: The Lantern Staff’s Presidential Sitdown
Lantern at Ohio State ‘Evolving Into More of a Digital-First Product’
Editor: ‘Serious Concerns About Future of Oldest College Newspaper in Pa.’
Dan Rant: The University of Oklahoma Blacklist & Student Press Censorship
OU Daily Tells Sooners Football: Stop the Sideline Photography Shenanigans
Cavalier Daily at UVA Praised for Reporting ‘Every Angle’ of Rape Scandal
Cavalier Daily at UVA in ‘Critical Financial Condition’
ACP Story of the Year Spotlight Series: Julia Nagy, The State News, MSU
College Media in Action #3: Water Cooler Camaraderie at Iowa State Daily
Duke Student Comes Out to Parents in College Newspaper Column
Daily Iowan Editor Criticizes Cancellation of Interviews with President
Daily Iowan Columnist: Students May One Day List ‘Talking’ as Résumé Skill
Daily Iowan Rocks Out Ice Bucket Challenge

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