Funny & Fascinating Student Press Headlines #2: I See Dead Creatures

This CMM series shares funny, fascinating, creative and quirky headlines topping student press stories worldwide. To nominate a headline, email or tweet me ASAP.


“Throughout history, the obscure and macabre have been pushed to the fringed edges of society, talked about in hushed tones, reserved for dark alleyways and red-light districts, or even literally burned at the stake. Today, the opposite is becoming true. While museums and history books preserve the essence of occult pastimes, shops like Custom Cranium and Overcast Antiques cater to those who are proud of their obsession with the weird, macabre, or heretical. And, business is booming.” – Ethos, University of Oregon

(Story by Hanna Steinkopf-Frank & Gordon Friedman and Photos by Emily Albertson & Gordon Friedman)

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