College Media in Action #2: Matching Shirts & a Photobomber in Collegiate Times Newsroom

College Media in Action is a CMM photo series aiming to provide glimpses of student journalists and college media outlets at work (or kicking back) — in the newsroom, the classroom, the field, the dorm or at an unofficial sacred journalist hangout of some sort.


By chance, a trio of staffers at The Collegiate Times recently showed up in the outlet’s newsroom at Virginia Tech wearing the same long-sleeved CT T-shirt. From left to right: copy editor Melissa Fairfax, editor-in-chief Erica Corder and design editor AndrĂ©a Pappas. Behind Pappas, lifestyles editor Abbey Williams perfects the art of the photobomb. Separately, while the writing is too small to see with the image at this size, scrawled on the mini-whiteboard in the far right background is a mantra held by a former staffer about opinion writing: “The only rule is to have one” — an opinion, that is. Photo courtesy of Corder.

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