Student Editor: ‘Serious Concerns About Future of Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania’

The editor-in-chief of The Lafayette at Pennsylvania’s Lafayette College has penned an open letter asking readers to convince the school’s student government to provide the paper with greater financial support. According to the EIC, without that support, the pub may no longer exist.

The 145-year-old student newspaper has apparently lived off a thriving reserve account for years, but has fallen on hard financial times like many professional and student outlets. And so the account, alas, has been depleted.


Student government to the rescue! … Yeah, about that, umm, you see, thus far, not so much.

According to EIC William Gordon in a letter posted online early this morning:

“After multiple meetings over a period of months, student government did not vote to allocate the newspaper sufficient funds to print until the end of the semester. There are now serious concerns about the future of the oldest college newspaper in Pennsylvania. Some members of student government questioned the value of the Lafayette to the campus. A college newspaper is an integral part of any college. … We shine a light on the information that students, staff members, administrators, alumni and faculty have a right to know. Without a newspaper, the Lafayette community loses its voice.”

To Be Continued…

P.S. In case Gordon or others need some help making their argument to the student gov gang, here is my post listing 21 reasons why college media matter and must be part of every modern campus. Below are three sample tweets from that post.

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