Advice for Young Journalists: 100 Silly & Serious Tweets Sharing Words of Wisdom

The hashtag #AdviceforYoungJournalists exploded like a thunderbolt on the Twitterverse last night and trended out of the blue worldwide. Thousands upon thousands of 140-character words of wisdom were unleashed in rapid succession.

Some of the advice tweets are deliciously snarky. Others contain straightforward and uber-significant tips. And still others are cringeworthy cynical or genuinely strange. Collectively, they are tweet-plated gold for student journos and fresh grads looking to break into the media game.

Below are 100 #AdviceforYoungJournalists tweets that caught my eye, made me laugh out loud or triggered a vigorous head nod. I present them in no particular order, purposefully shooting for a mix of funny, on-point and slightly out there.

(Any that I should add to the list?) 

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