Dan Rant: The University of Oklahoma Blacklist & Student Press Censorship

In the wake of guacamole-gate at the University of Oklahoma, one of the country’s leading talent agencies is declaring war on the student press and good journalism everywhere.

As I previously posted, The Oklahoma Daily recently reported on some quirky details included in a contract that rock star Jack White signed to perform at OU. In response, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment¬†— which represents White and many other A-listers and B-listers —¬†has blacklisted OU. The agency says it will not allow any of its clients to perform at the school, asserting that it does want to risk them being embarrassed like White by student journalists who are simply out for the truth.

As a journalism professor who covers the student press, I find the agency’s decision frightening, infuriating — and worthy of a video rant. Check it out and please spread the word about this blacklist ridiculousness to other student and professional media.

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