College Media News: A $613 Bill, a National Championship Book & a ‘Dirty Dear Abby’

Here’s a rundown of recent college media and journalism education news, a few funny headlines and videos and some interesting student journalist perspectives.

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1Former Daily Pennsylvanian Editor in Paris. “On Wednesday, when Charlie Hebdo’s most recent issue was published … I, like many others, stood in line to buy a copy … because I wanted to support their right to freely express their thoughts.” (Harry Cooperman, The Daily Pennsylvanian, University of Pennsylvania)

1El Diario Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Daily at the University of Oklahoma is adding an online Spanish section, via a school grant. An OU doctoral student is in charge of translating select articles of interest to “the Hispanic community.” According to the paper, “What it gives the Daily the opportunity to do is connect with Spanish-speaking families so those families know more comfortably and more wholly what’s going on at their kids’ university.” (The Oklahoma Daily, University of Oklahoma)

Happy Bday UDK! The University Daily Kansan just turned 103. From the very start, the paper strived to be free from faculty intrusion. According to the first-ever UDK editor Louis LaCoss, “Some students have expressed a fear that the Daily Kansan will cease to be a student publication and will now become a faculty organ in which the department of journalism will be the dominating factor. Such a fear is groundless.”

1Hoya History. The Hoya at Georgetown University, meanwhile, is 95 years young. A 95th anniversary issue lays out various facets of its awesomeness in covering “some of the 20th and 21st centuries’ most enduring news.”

$613 Bill. The North Wind at Northern Michigan University recently asked school officials for some emails via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request — specifically messages sent by “six administrators and the university’s general counsel that included four key words during a specific time period.” NMU’s response: Sure, we’ll get the emails for you, but it’ll cost you $613. A tad high, perhaps? (The North Wind, Northern Michigan University)

Against All Odds. To honor Ohio State University’s national football championship, The Lantern has created a kick-butt HARDCOVER book reflecting on the magical season. (The Lantern, Ohio State University)

A Lantern Impression. Is The Daily Collegian at Penn State University printing too much Ohio State news?

1Ratings, Ratings, Ratings. Fordham College student Kaitlyn Lyngaas is fed up with the news media. As she writes in The Fordham Ram, “We, as people of America and citizens of the world, are facing a gross injustice — one that many are unaware of and that many remain ignorant of. Our media has become so obsessed with capitalizing on trends and half-truths that it has lost sight of its intended purpose: to provide factual information about what is going on in our country and in our world. … It all comes down to one thing: ratings, ratings, ratings. If no one wants to read about unpopular issues, the media isn’t going to focus on it.” (The Fordham Ram, Fordham University)

1A Dirty Dear Abby. Robyn Smith, the student sex columnist for The Independent Florida Alligator at the University of Florida, describes herself as “a journalism junior here at UF, minoring in theories and politics of sexuality. When I’m not writing about dicks for the newspaper, I enjoy watching cute animal videos, taking naps and eating brunch. My favorite beverage is whiskey sour, I take my coffee black and I enjoy skinny dipping in the warmer months.” (The Independent Florida Alligator, University of Florida)

Alligator Crew All Hands In (The Independent Florida Alligator, University of Florida)


1The Good & Bad of Being Editor. Daily Tar Heel editor-in-chief Jenny Surane at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: “The good thing about being in the news business is that you know about most things before your friends do. The bad thing about being a millennial in the news business is that sometimes your friends just don’t care.” (The Daily Tar Heel, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

1Hard Being a Student Journalist These Days. The “most contentious critics” of The Daily Princetonian at Princeton University are not alumni, faculty or admins. They are Princeton students. According to outgoing editor-in-chief Marcelo Rochabrun, ‘Prince’ staffers faced a range of retaliatory words and actions over the past year while practicing journalism. Rochabrun: “While these consequences were mainly social — being banned from an eating club or being asked to leave a small dorm party, for example — others were serious yet highly improbable, such as threats of bodily harm or a conspiracy to plant drugs in the newsroom.” (The Daily Princetonian, Princeton University)

Burden of Fact-Checking. Dartmouth College student Lorelei Yang calls out Rolling Stone for what she describes as irresponsible reporting and a worrisome initial response over its much-maligned UVA alleged rape story. In The Dartmouth, Yang writes that “the burden of fact-checking a source’s representation of reality falls on a publication, rather than the source. Rolling Stone’s initial retraction struck the wrong note and demonstrated a churlish refusal to acknowledge its own error, and its shifting of the blame onto [the story’s main source] Jackie devalued what was already a difficult decision to speak with a reporter about a traumatic event in her life.” (The Dartmouth, Dartmouth College)

1Snapchatting. Vanderbilt University Emily White is now COO of Snapchat. She tells The Vanderbilt Hustler, “Life is a little like a 401k: The more you invest in the beginning, the more you have at the end. Putting in hard work usually pays off, especially if you choose the right opportunities to dive into.From an early age, the phrase “delayed gratification” was drummed into my head by my dad, and I thought a lot about that early on. I believe in hard work and sticking with things — seeing them through, learning from the good and the bad.” (The Vanderbilt Hustler, Vanderbilt University)

Hincker Moving On. A major figure in the higher ed PR arena is retiring. Virginia Tech’s Larry Hincker “was the face of the institution’s community and national relations following the April 16, 2007 shooting.” (The Collegiate Times, Virginia Tech)

“Journalist wounded in Charlie Hebdo attack planned to teach at Princeton next year,” The Daily Princetonian, Princeton University

“Create a student board to bolster campus publications,” The GW Hatchet, George Washington University

“Shorenstein Center Names Spring Fellows,” The Harvard Crimson, Harvard University

“English, journalism combine to create new program,” The Bona Venture, St. Bonaventure University

Crazy News Alert (The Hamilton Spectator, Hamilton College)


Funny Video Alert (Hat tip The Butler Collegian, Butler University)

Funny Headline Alert. After the North Carolina State University men’s basketball team upset in-state rival Duke — ranked number-two in the country at the time — The Technician trotted out a funny front-page header. (The Technician, North Carolina State University)


Funny Video Alert (“Ending Raccoon Stereotypes,” The Auburn Plainsman Auburn University)

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