‘Fast-Paced Work & Long Nights’: An Insider’s View of Washington State’s Student Newspaper

What’s it like to be part of The Daily Evergreen team at Washington State University?

According to a fun-errific new short documentary by WSU student Herman Meier, it’s a smile-inducing, stress-filled, über-professional experience awash in coffee, fact-checking, layout, occasional 4 a.m. fires, colorful piñatas, Santa hats (presumably around Christmastime, but one doesn’t want to assume), awards, corndogs, inside jokes, fake mustaches, intra-staff dating, pizza, memories of a bygone era when the pub featured “pink polka-dot boxes around stories” and what appears to be a Jesus bobblehead. At one point, the WSU Cougar mascot also stops by to pose for photos and just hang out.

Bottom line, I want to work there.

As one editor shares about her student media experience, “Every good thing that’s happened to me has been directly related to The Daily Evergreen.” Yowza. (Ed. note: Nearby, the Jesus bobblehead may or may not have been nodding.)

The doc’s narrator intones toward the close, “No matter how many hours they spend or how many pages they write, the staff of the Evergreen always strive to produce essential news for their community and have a little fun in the process.”

1My personal favorite shot in the vid appears at roughly 4:54: It shows WSU student media director Candace Baltz leading a discussion or providing an essential lesson of some sort to the Evergreenies — a screenshot of a College Media Matters post displayed in all its typo-free splendor behind her. (To the unnamed staffer in the Santa hat near the front who is enjoying pizza instead of staring at the post, I want to be clear I’m trying not to take it personally.)

In all seriousness, kudos to the budding filmmaker extraordinaire Meier and the participating Evergreen crew for providing a glimpse at the benefits and realities of college media awesomeness 2.0.


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