Kansas State Student Shares the ‘Top Seven Woes of All Journalism Majors’

Caffeine is your wonder-drug. A reporter’s notebook is a required appendage. And AP Style must be considered your second language.

These are a few of the sentiments Kansas State University senior Lindsey Staab considers the most sacrosanct among j-students worldwide. In a lively new column for The Collegian which compelled me to smile and nod repeatedly, Staab focuses on “the top seven woes of all journalism majors” — although depending on your perspective the woes can easily be read as seven wonders.


Here are two of the wonderful woes Staab, a Collegian editor, lays out in her well-written piece:

Reading any publication or watching a video clip is no longer pure entertainment. No longer can we just look at a magazine or video package at surface level. We’re looking at design, layout and of course, the content. Our brains begin the analysis. Is this really the best quote they could’ve used? This segment would’ve been so much more captivating if it had been shot at ground level, right? Sigh. Gone are the days of being able to read an article without having an internal debate about serif versus san-serif font. …

If you hear one more person ask if you’re ‘worried print is dying,’ you’ll smack them with with a stylebook. As all print journalism majors hear anytime they state their desired career path — print is dead. Except it isn’t. Are hard-copy, newspaper subscriptions declining? Sure. But there is still plenty of demand for reading the written word, regardless of the medium. We’ll shake our heads or grin and bare it, because when it comes down to it, we love what we do, no matter what.”


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