Arizona State Journalism Student Launches Groundbreaking Deaf & Hearing Network

Inspiration alert: A journalism student at Arizona State University launched and maintains a trailblazing news operation known as the Deaf and Hearing Network.

According to a Downtown Devil report, DHN is “the first news broadcast to combine speaking, signing and captions.” As the network’s About page confirms, “We will give millions of deaf and hard of hearing people — as well as hearing, American Sign Language students, interpreters and generally curious people — a way to get news in the language they prefer.”

ASU junior Peyton Gallovich started DHN in January. Over the past 11 months, the DHN team has amassed more than 1,500 subscribers, 4,000 Facebook page likes, 140 videos and 150,000 total viewers.

For Gallovich, the professional metrics are built atop a personal passion for ASL and combining the deaf and hearing worlds. As she tells the Devil, “DHN is a great resource for becoming aware of deaf issues. We often take deaf issues and give them a hearing perspective and vice versa. … TV news or written news can be hard for [deaf] students to understand because they are still learning English as a second language. By giving them news in ASL they can be aware of their world in their language.”


One interesting tip gleaned from the Downtown Devil profile: Break up your broadcast. Gallovich says regular online video viewership has jumped from roughly 3,000 to 7,000 since the network separated the long-form, all-inclusive news program posting into shorter, single-story chunks.

The plan moving forward is to expand the network’s news focus from Phoenix to other Arizona cities and then head into separate states.

Below is a brief DHN behind-the-scenes introductory video.


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