‘College Media Innovation in Action’: Tulane Student Newspaper Starts Photo Business

Faced with shrinking ad revenue and long-term economic uncertainty, The Hullabaloo at Tulane University has launched a new photography business. The three-pronged aim of the student newspaper’s start-up effort: find a niche, book clients and help “bring the Hullabaloo financial stability.”

The side business — dubbed Green Wave Photography — is an offshoot of a similar, successful venture jumpstarted a few semesters back by the Emerald at the University of Oregon. The Emerald-affiliated PhotoBooth promises clients “red-carpet-worthy professional quality photos and real time photo strip printing.”

In a tweet late last week, former Emerald publisher Ryan Frank dubbed the Hullabaloo venture as nothing less than “college media innovation in action.”


What actions are transforming Green Wave Photography from “an idea into a full-blown initiative”?

According to an editor’s blog:

“Having hired two photographers, and possibly more in the future, Green Wave Photography has landed its first three gigs, taking advantage of Homecoming festivities, with hopefully many more opportunities to come. Our marketing associate created a website, drew up contracts for both the photographers and the clients, contacted numerous organizations, consulted student government to estimate student organizations’ budgets and compared prices with peer photography businesses to come up with an optimal price (depending on the nature of the event). The business will spend the next few weeks pinning down its niche, and we are hopeful that it will become a consistent revenue generator come next semester.”

To stave off potential ethical land-mines, the paper hired photographers from outside the staff — part of a larger push to “ensure the photographs taken for clients and photos taken for the Hullabaloo newspaper content would remain completely and mutually exclusive.”


The Emerald team is hoping to work with additional college media outlets interested in starting their own photo businesses. As a portion of a related Emerald website explains to student journalists, “From hiring your staff to marketing your new services, we’re here to guide you through the whole thing from start to finish. Starting a Photo Booth will help you increase relevance, readership and brand recognition for your media company.”

Or as a separate teaser promises:

“Make ridiculous money one camera at a time.”

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