Crimson White Columnist at Alabama: Student Paper ‘Must Broaden Its News Reporting’

A columnist for The Crimson White at the University of Alabama argues the paper would be more relevant and well-read among its core student readership if it added a new section or regular feature focused on national and international news.

In her most recent column, sophomore secondary education major Carolyn Duke contends a majority of her fellow UA undergraduates do not read the CW. Even more dispiriting, some apparently do not know it exists — or at least are not familiar with it by name when it is mentioned to them. The reason, according to Duke: “It’s difficult to produce a daily newspaper of substance filled strictly with information regarding the university.”


As she writes in her piece, headlined “CW Must Broaden its News Reporting,” “Perhaps, if the CW expands the range of news it covers, the paper will be more relevant and more people will begin to pick it up. This way, instead of students getting the news they want from social media and other sources, the CW would be the paper that provides students with university, national and international news in one place.”

Too ambitious for an already overworked staff? Too off the mark for a student audience addicted solely to short social media info bursts? Too beyond the pale for a publication that proudly bills itself as “the student newspaper of the university.”

Duke doesn’t think so. In her words, “The CW should produce a paper that informs readers on the things that matter. People want to read a paper that will inform them about news affecting students, the university, the nation and the world. … The Crimson White should print with a purpose.”

What do you think?


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One Response to “Crimson White Columnist at Alabama: Student Paper ‘Must Broaden Its News Reporting’”
  1. I actually agree with this. Students are not finding important news via their devices. Instead, they get entertainment news and offbeat news via most sites that claim to have a news section (such as Yahoo! News). They do not pick up the free NIE newspapers in large quantities, but they will pick up smaller student newspapers. In Campus News, we started a column called “News You Should Know,” which sums up national and international stories for busy students.