Angry Sorority Sisters Allegedly Steal & Trash Student Newspaper Copies Over Hazing Report

Happy Thursday. Here is the Elmhurst College student newspaper theft story in eight sentences sporting two words apiece: Alleged hazing. News report. Angry sorority. Missing papers. Some trashed. Sisters spotted. Total coincidence? Or thievery?!  

Yes, it appears some Phi Mu sorority sisters at Elmhurst, a private liberal arts school in a Chicago suburb, may have been especially peeved by a recent story in The Leader student newspaper. The front-page piece focused on “a report that an alleged hazing act occurred between the [Phi Mu] members.”

So, in response, some of the sisters were seen tossing copies of the Leader in trashcans around campus — leading to the instantly iconic student press censorship pic below.


Leader EIC Zachary Bishop: “I cannot believe people thought they were justified in stealing our newspapers just because they didn’t like an article we reported. My staff’s hours of work have been wasted and our freedom of press has been suppressed. We will not forget about this injustice.”

All told, more than 800 copies were reported missing by Leader staff — more than half of the paper’s regular 1,500-copy print run. It has resulted in more than $1,000 in wasted expenses.

So did the Phi Mu gang truly carry out the compost-and-run operation?

As Bishop tells Elmhurst Patch, “The sorority itself has not admitted to it, but the Office of Greek Life and the national sorority say they’re the culprits.” The Greek Life team at the school also apparently told Bishop the sorority will be forced to reimburse the Leader for the cost of the tossed copies.


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