Michigan Daily Column Calling for Football Coach’s Firing Goes Viral, Earns Praise

“This isn’t about winning and losing anymore.”

A spirited, thoughtful column in The Michigan Daily calling for University of Michigan head football coach Brady Hoke to be fired has earned A-list viral status within the student press and sports universes.

In a related “Pardon the Interruption” segment on ESPN earlier this week, co-host Tony Kornheiser said the piece represents “exactly what a student newspaper should do. They should agitate.”

The source of agitation — which has accrued close to 4,000 Facebook likes, roughly 160 online comments and a New York Times shout-out — contends that Hoke deserves to be canned for putting a Wolverines player at risk in last Saturday’s game.


As the Daily football crew writes:

“We saw sophomore quarterback Shane Morris wobble after taking a hit to the head in the middle of the fourth quarter of Saturday’s game against Minnesota. We watched from the stands, the press box and the replays on TV as he reached for offensive lineman Ben Braden, who held Morris upright for a brief moment. We watched tight end Khalid Hill motion for a hunched Morris to go to the sideline. We saw running back Justice Hayes signal to the sidelines for medical assistance to come on the field while offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier called for Morris to get on the ground so his evident injury could be assessed. And yet Michigan coach Brady Hoke said he didn’t see any of that transpire.”

The Daily calls BS on either Hoke’s ignorance or the football staff’s outright malfeasance at keeping Morris in the game and not checking him for a concussion ASAP.

“This isn’t about winning and losing anymore,” the sports gang closes their firing-squad column. “It isn’t about hot seats or upholding tradition. This is about the well-being of players, and whether they’re prepared to lead a life outside of football. Brady Hoke’s actions were indefensible, and we can no longer stand behind his employment at Michigan.” Yowza.

An in-the-know source summarizes the paper’s awesomeness overall at the moment: “The Daily is truly in a golden era.”


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  1. Michael Westendorf says:

    The Michigan Daily is one of the best student newspapers in the country.