The Daily Orange Suffers Snoop Dogg Typo: Syracuse Paper Leaves Second G Off OG’s Name

Snoop Dogg is an OG with two Gs in his name. Alas, The Daily Orange at Syracuse University left one G out of a story referencing the rapper that appeared on page two of yesterday’s issue.


The missing G led to one of the quirkier, smile-inducing corrections published in recent semesters within the student press. As the DO notes at the bottom of the story’s online version — which now sports a correctly-spelled Snoop Dogg in the lede:


For the record, Snoop Dogg had both Gs included in the main photo caption of the original print version. Unfortunately, as I post this, he is still down one G in the online story’s second reference. See below:


The story with all these G problems is a profile of a Syracuse student who has made a name for himself booking shows for a range of performers — from Snoop to Soundgarden.


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