Central Florida Student Newspaper Reinvents: ‘Welcome to the Future of the Future’

The Central Florida Future has become “a new kind of news source — the kind you love, and the kind you trust.” In an announcement that earns nerd-cool bonus points for referencing bad boyfriends, AOL IM and R. Kelly in the same paragraph, the student media behemoth at the University of Central Florida confirms it is shape-shifting its print presence, website and publishing schedule.

As staffer Jessica Saggio shares in a note to readers — beneath the way-too-on-point header “Welcome to the future of the Future”: “Perhaps you may have noticed, or perhaps you are like a bad boyfriend and haven’t noticed, we got a makeover — a really big makeover. No longer are we that clunky newspaper that was impossible to sneak into class and read. No longer are we that website that looked like it was out of the AOL instant-messenger era. No longer are we ‘just a newspaper.’ We have found our wings, people, and queue the R. Kelly because we believe we can fly.”

Old Site


Central Florida Future homepage, mid-August 2013

New Site


Central Florida Future homepage, mid-August 2014

Among the changes at the 46-year-old student pub: 1) The implementation of a daily digital news operation that will post content on a redesigned and mobile-responsive site. 2) The rollout of a tabloid-size paper instead of a broadsheet. 3) The introduction of a souped-up weekly print edition — instead of twice-weekly issues — that will “break down the biggest stories, the hottest trends, what students are really up to and where you have just GOT to check out over the weekend.”

P.S. For readers not in the loop who see the small Gannett label atop the Future’s homepage and the USA TODAY videos featured among students’ work: “The CFF is run completely by students, but is owned and operated as a subsidiary of the Florida Today newspaper in Brevard, which is also a Gannett product. … Our staff is made up of 11 individuals, all who play vital roles in our operation. A managing editor makes up the 11th position and is a full-time Gannett employee who oversees the staff.”


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