After Sexy Snapchat Fundraising Stunt, Student Radio Station May Be Sold or Restructured

In the aftermath of a below-the-belt fundraising attempt gone awry, administrators may be itching to sell the student-run radio station at California Polytechnic State University. At the very least, they are pushing for a dramatic restructuring.

As I previously posted, this past semester, two student hosts of “Getting It In,” a (weirdly-named) sex talk show on Cal Poly’s KCPR-FM, decided to up the ante on the station’s fundraising by promoting a “sexy Snapchats” deal involving pictures of the pair’s penises and rectums.

A portion of a Facebook message they posted in late April to their listening audience: “For only $20 dollars you can have a week of sexy Snapchats featuring the hosts of ‘Getting It In.’ If you have ever been curious about which one of us has a birthmark on our penis or which one of us has a tighter butt hole, this is your chance to find out.”


Once discovered, the post was scrubbed, the “Getting It In” Facebook and Twitter presences deleted, “the hosts were pulled, the show is gone and nobody in any department at the university seems to want to comment on it.”

At least not publicly. According to emails obtained by, Cal Poly officials have been corresponding and exploring the sale or at least major overhaul of KCPR amongst themselves — mentioning the fundraiser-gone-wrong as one rationale.

Internal emails sent by a Cal Poly dean:

I am beginning to believe that we should sell the radio license (we have had an offer). … What were they thinking [re: the fundraiser] and how could it go so far with the faculty completely unaware!!! … I am very serious about this [putting together a new organizational plan for the station] — it is just one problem after another at a much greater frequency and magnitude than the other student media outlets without nearly the educational value of the other media outlets.” The journalism department chair “has announced a ‘Blue Ribbon Panel’ to devise a formal plan for station oversight. David Weary, a 1984 graduate, spent three years working at the station. After hearing about what was happening at the station, he offered to put together a committee and donate his time.”


Student Talk Show Pulled from Campus Radio Station After ‘Sexy Snapchats’ Fundraiser

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