College Media Matters Joining Forces with ACP

Happy Tuesday. To all my loyal readers — and those not in my classes and extended family — I just want to share a brief bit of bloggerrific news. As the new header atop College Media Matters hints, CMM and the Associated Collegiate Press have (re)entered into a wonderfultastic partnership.

The organization is known to many of us as ACP, an acronym synonymous with student press advocacy, education and excellence. It is this country’s oldest and largest college media membership organization. It is also a major college media convention player. And it is the purveyor of the esteemed Pacemaker awards, informally known as the student press Pulitzers.

Simply put, ACP is a titan within collegemediatopia that I am fiercely proud to call a partner. To confirm, CMM will absolutely remain editorially independent. And while I’m excited to roll out some new initiatives and see what sticks, in general the blog will continue to maintain the tone, content and posting frequency I’ve worked to construct over the past six years.

1Portions of CMM will be featured on ACP’s homepage and may be promoted at times through the organization’s social media channels — including its Facebook page and Twitter feed. I’m also eager to build on this partnership by possibly exploring other outside-the-box collaborations at upcoming conventions and through fun digital tinkering.

As longtime readers know, this is CMM’s second go-round with ACP. The organization also graciously supported my blogging efforts from 201o to 2013. After six months or so away, it frankly feels right to be back with the ACP family.

Since the start of our first partnership, the ACP leadership team and support staff have been tireless advocates of CMM. Above all else, I remain grateful for the freedom I have always been granted to explore topics and produce posts at times controversial and obscure.

My biggest thank you at the moment is directed toward Diana Mitsu Klos, executive director of both ACP and the National Scholastic Press Association. I also owe a debt of gratitude to the ACP board of directors, led at the moment by Albert Tims, and to NSPA/ACP digital and design coordinator Amber Billings.

1Since 2008, I’ve been blessed to be able to update this blog almost daily in roughly 35 states and nearly 20 countries, at all hours of the day and night, in cars, planes, trains, a moving van, a bathtub (calm down, I was clothed) and once while waiting in line for a ride at a Disney theme park (after declining a picture with a princess).

Besides sudden Internet crashes that erase full drafts of posts before they are saved, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I love collegemediatopia, a word I’ve humbly coined to describe the student press 2.0. It’s a niche within the larger journalism industry that is nuclear cool, wonderfully screwed up and forever evolving, hitting reset, editorially spelunking and impacting campuses and the world — in between classes, midday power naps, summer internships and of course Spring Break.

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