Student Talk Show Pulled from Campus Radio Station After ‘Sexy Snapchats’ Fundraiser

A below-the-belt effort to raise funds for the student radio station at California Polytechnic State University stirred some press attention late last semester and has forever tarred the station’s Google prints with words like genitals, butt holes and penis birthmark.

The 60-second rundown of this strange shenanigan: The two student hosts of “Getting It In,” a (weirdly-named) sex talk show on KCPR-FM at Cal Poly, decided to up the ante on the station’s fundraising by promoting a “sexy Snapchats” deal involving pictures of the pair’s penises and rectums. As they wrote on Facebook:

“For only $20 dollars you can have a week of sexy Snapchats featuring the hosts of ‘Getting It In.’ If you have ever been curious about which one of us has a birthmark on our penis or which one of us has a tighter butt hole, this is your chance to find out. Assemble $20 dollars of CASH ONLY (checks, gift cards or pre-paid credit cards will be shredded justly and promptly.)”

For the record, it’s the CASH ONLY part that really muddies the announcement’s classiness.


The Facebook post first appeared in late April and remained public for roughly a month until the Cal Poly journalism department caught wind of it. No word on how many people paid up or if any “sexy Snapchats” were actually taken and sent.

As expected, the post has since been scrubbed from the Facebook universe. The “Getting It In” Facebook page and Twitter account are also now kaput. (The show premiered in fall 2012.) In addition, according to radio guide Corey Deitz, “I’m sure you won’t be too surprised that the hosts were pulled, the show is gone and nobody in any department at the university seems to want to comment on it.”

The school’s media relations director did give the obligatory it’s-not-us-it’s-them-we’re-looking-into-it placeholder quote: “This fundraiser activity was organized and carried out without authorization from faculty and staff in the department. As well, university administration is investigating the matter to determine if any student conduct violations may have occurred.”


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