Harvard Radio Station Receives Complaints: ‘I’ve Never Heard the F-word This Much’

The Federal Communications Commission has received three obscenity complaints about Harvard University’s radio station WHRB (95.3 FM) since 2011, according to documents released last week responding to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. All the complainants found fault with WHRB’s airing of uncensored rap song lyrics.

As one individual explained to the FCC, “Lyrics that included the words motherfucker, nigger, fuck, bitches and other gratuitous language was broadcast uncensored. I attempted to call the radio station but the telephone numbers provided on the WHRB website went unanswered.” 1

The news site Muckrock summarizes the complaints:

“One complaint filed in March 2012 alleged that WHRB’s music included ‘lots of profanity.’ The grievance went on to describe a skit in a Notorious B.I.G. song where two burglars were shot. ‘I’ve never heard the F word this much on the radio,’ the Brighton resident wrote. Another complaint against Harvard’s station from July 2011 claimed ‘gratuitous’ uncensored lyrics were being broadcast. The last complaint against WHRB, from December 2013, consisted only of lyrics to an Xzibit song called ‘Paparazzi.'”

A portion of the lyrics to “Paparazzi”:

“Who dares to cross this path? Yo, I do ya like math
Cut with glass, make a bloodbath
So on behalf of all niggaz, I get drunk with
Smoke a blunts with, I dispose of yo’ punk shit

“It’s a shame, niggaz in the rap game
Only for the money and the fame, extra large
It’s a shame, niggaz in the rap game
Only for the money and the fame, Paparazzi”


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