College Media Podcast: Dying Student Paper’s Last-Ditch Publishing Plan Raises Questions

Welcome to the latest installment of the College Media Podcast. The CMP is a collaborative venture with Bryan Murley from the Center for Innovation in College Media.

The podcast’s aim: spotlighting big college media news, standout student press work and an array of helpful and innovative tips, sites, programs and tech tools.

1In our most recent episode, we break down the implications of a “fairly unprecedented” arrangement between an ailing student newspaper and a local professional paper offering to save the day — and reap some monetary rewards.

As I previously posted, The California Aggie at the University of California, Davis, “is poised to sign a deal with the Vacaville Reporter [a nearby daily], which would print the Aggie in exchange for the right to sell advertising.” According to Aggie’s editor-in-chief, it is the last play for a paper that has been in a financial free-fall for years. But it raises many tough questions about pro-student press relationships.

Among them: Is it OK to have students working for free for the profit of an outside organization — even if the deal involves a service rendered (printing the paper) and provides students a “living laboratory” to gain real-world experience?

At the close of our chat, Bryan reminds us of the awesomeness of Codecademy, a digital educational platform aimed at helping people teach themselves “to create interactive websites, fun games and apps.”

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Can the Aggie Be Saved?: New Deal to Restart UC Davis Paper Called ‘Fairly Unprecedented’

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