Editors at University of San Francisco Paper ‘Apologize to Those Hurt’ By April Fools’ Issue

The editorial board of The San Francisco Foghorn has offered an apology and a response “to those that were hurt by our content” in the paper’s recent April Fools’ issue.

As the note last week from top Foghorn staffers at the University of San Francisco confirmed, “While we have received a lot of positive feedback and appreciation from students, professors and advisers, we recognize that not everyone was comfortable with how these issues were covered. We recognize that everyone’s feelings are valid, and understand that we upset students with our satire.”

Judging by the paper’s response, some readers’ ire appears to have focused on what they perceived as homophobia or anti-LGBTQ sentiments embedded within the satire. Editors declare those sentiments as unintended or misread.


Two examples: 1) A faux front-page Foghorn exclusive revealing the Ukrainian military “has begun to advertise positions for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) soldiers as part of a special national guard.” 2) A satirical report confirming Chick-fil-A — a restaurant chain known for its owners’ anti-gay stances — would open a franchise next fall on the USF campus.

According to editors: “The butt of our jokes was not the LGBTQ community, but in fact, the anti-gay stances taken by both Russia and Chick-fil-A. Russia has been the target of much criticism due to its recent legislation banning the use of vocabulary in reference to the LGBTQ community and much more. In turn, our Chick-fil-A article meant to humorously relay how we had no doubt that our San Franciscan values would eventually rub off on Chick-fil-A if they ever set up camp in our cafeteria. The reappearance of the queer community in the issue was not purposeful, but merely coincidental.”


A separate piece under inspection declares the school’s intention to switch its mascot to the pink fairy armadillo — a rather effeminate creature at least by name. Editors said the selection was nothing more than “a light-hearted attempt to challenge the branded masculinity of the USF athletics department.”

Ultimately, top eds. explained “that no article was written with ill will or malice. As evidenced by our issues throughout this past academic year, we have always been supporters of the LGBTQ community and the diverse student body at USF, covering many topics and events.”

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