For April Fools’ Day, GW Hatchet Becomes GW Butter Knife; Aligns with Parody Twitter Account

At the moment, The GW Hatchet is The GW Butter Knife. In honor of April Fools’ Day, the student newspaper at George Washington University is “laying it on thick” — rolling out a range of satirical stories, adopting a temporary new name and even aligning with a parody Twitter account.

The Fake Hatchet (@FakeHatchet) — emulating and satirizing the actual Hatchet, as the name suggests — recently entered the parody pantheon at GW. As Hatchet editor-in-chief Cory Weinberg tells me, “The Twitter account has become an instant favorite on a campus that already loves its parody accounts of the college president, dean of students and the library. Of course, the account became a newsroom favorite too.”

So for fun, today only, the real Hatchet and Fake Hatchet have joined forces. The overseer of The Fake Hatchet was invited to serve as a guest editor for the April 1st tomfoolery. All the faux content is appearing online only — today is not a regular Hatchet printing day.


Roughly 20 spoof stories are currently featured on the paper’s homepage under section headers that have been altered much like the paper’s name. News is now Muckraking. Opinions is now Feelings. Culture is now Clickbait. And Multimedia is now GIFs.

How did the Fake Hatchet alignment come about?  Weinberg: “Hatchet managing editor Sarah Ferris pitched me the idea a couple weeks ago. Staffers liked the idea, so I proposed it to @FakeHatchet (who’s maintaining his anonymity). … He didn’t take over the whole issue, but was more like an editor-at-large. He wrote a story [under the byline @FakeHatchet] and helped edit some pieces. Hopefully readers will think it’s a success, or at least giggle a bit.”


The gist of some of the giggle-worthy muckraking, feelings, clickbait and GIFs:

A separate man-on-the-street video satire poses fake news scenarios as real to students simply to garner their annoyed or impassioned reactions — including pretending GW’s campus is going dry (alcohol-free) and men’s softball is being added to the athletics program.

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