Daily Cardinal Special Issue Offers ‘360-Degree Look at What a College Degree Means’

The Daily Cardinal at the University of Wisconsin-Madison unveiled the second issue in its planned three-part Action Project series today. According to the paper, the project is intent on “investigating under-reported topics in an effort to inform the campus community and spark change.”

Today’s installment laser-focuses on “the academic environment for UW-Madison students leading up to graduation and how that affects their success after graduation.” More generally, according to DC editor-in-chief Abby Becker, the staff are taking a “360-degree look at what a college degree means.”

Tucked behind four pages of special coverage devoted to the men’s basketball team’s Final Four berth, the 12-page issue aims to answer the following questions and a bunch more: “[I]s a college degree worth as much as it was in the past? Do professional organizations and real-world experiences look better to employers than coursework? What does it take to differentiate ourselves in the workforce? … Will we be able to succeed in the professional world outside the confines of the University of Wisconsin-Madison?”


As Becker shared on CMM late last week about The Daily Cardinal Action Project, “We believe this series has the potential to start conversations and affect change. Additionally, it provides the Cardinal staff an opportunity to delve into larger topics and shed light on under-reported topics.”

Last month’s premiere issue explored the “racial, ethnic, sexual, gender and geopolitical issues permeating UW-Madison’s campus and how they affect students, faculty members and other groups.” An upcoming final part of the series will examine sustainability issues.

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