Journalism Student Creates ‘Video Letter Thing to My 16-Year-Old Self’

Divya Bhavani is “an Indian journalism student living in London, who grew up in Botswana.On her page, she describes herself in all caps as three things: a “THIRSTY SOUL, THRIVING MIND [and] THEATRICAL HEART.”

Eschewing theatrics for sheer candor, Bhavani has created a new vlog post — cheeky, rambling and true — outlining life lessons she has picked up since her middle-teen years. The title of the roughly seven-minute confessional is possibly the best part: “A Video Letter Thing to My 16 Year Old Self.”

It’s a fascinating idea, fairly well executed by Bhavani, attempting to capture the “dizzying shift in perspective” that plays out between our high school and undergrad identities on a range of issues.

In case interested, the teasers of her advice: Cut your parents — and siblings — some slack. Embrace wearing braces, reading books (“whether it’s trashy tabloids or enlightening works by really great historical writers”) and eating chocolate (see braces). Fight skinny shaming. Own your skin color. “For the love of God, take off your make-up before you go to bed.” And don’t do drugs or talk in text-speak.

Her bottom line advice, for her younger self: “If you get it wrong, guess what? You’re a human being and sometimes it’s going to be tough and going to be embarrassing and people are going to tease you, but that’s being a teenager. … It’s going to make you smarter at the end of the day and you’re going to love yourself for all the awful experiences that you’ve had.”

What would be your advice to your 16-year-old self?

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