10 Signs You Have Seen ‘Shattered Glass’ Too Many Times

As I mention in my previous post, “Shattered Glass” is considered by most in the business as the best or at least one of the best journalism movies of the new millennium. One consequence of its awesomeness for journalism educators, publication advisers, student media directors and student editors: We have seen and screened the film a TON — in ethics classes, reporting workshops, newsroom orientation weeks, campus film series and even a few times (long, long ago) for, you know, fun and sheer entertainment and stuff.

Given its greatness and the related required repeated viewing situation, I’ve put together a fun podcast breaking down some of the most significant and interesting journalism issues on full display or buried just beneath the surface of the film. It is aimed at being utilized as a class discussion starter, a behind-the-scenes teaching and advising guide or a thoughtful accompaniment on your next road trip, workout or walk around campus.

In addition, below is a very lighthearted Twitter stream I first posted this morning tossing out 10 signs you may have seen “Shattered Glass” one too many times. Enjoy, and please let me know what I should add to the list.


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