After Big Football Scoop, Michigan Daily Not Invited to Press Conference with Head Coach

The Michigan Daily at the University of Michigan very recently broke a big story involving a former Wolverines football player’s role in a 2009 sexual assault. The UM student newspaper was subsequently not invited to a press conference with head football coach Brady Hoke addressing the assault fallout. Coincidence? (I highly doubt it.)

Last week, in a thunderclap continuing to reverberate throughout the college sports world, Daily reporters extraordinaire Matt Slovin and Adam Rubenfire revealed that “Brendan Gibbons, the Michigan football team’s starting kicker for the past three seasons, was permanently separated [read: expelled] from the University of Michigan last month for violating the university’s Student Sexual Misconduct Policy.”


In the wake of the scoop, questions have surrounded the timing of both the expulsion and the removal of Gibbons from the team. The reported sexual assault occurred in 2009 and was dealt with at the time apparently without a public punishment. It appears to have been investigated for a second time under a new policy instituted by the university — on this go-round officials found Gibbons guilty. Hmm.

It is also unclear why Gibbons played in a game last season days after academic and athletics officials at UM were made aware of the new investigation’s findings. One last question: When Gibbons did leave the team, why did Hoke lie about the reasons — at first saying injury then citing a “family issue”?

Hoke spoke to the media yesterday for the first time since the Daily bombshell, but the Daily was apparently not on the list of invited outlets. Deliberate snub? Innocent mix-up? Deeper-seated revenge tactic?

I’ve reached out to a Daily staffer for comment and will update the post if and when a rep for the paper is able to shed some light on what’s happening.

In the meantime, Slovin tweeted that this type of behavior is often par for the course with the Wolverines athletic director. In his words: “If you are at all surprised that the Daily was conveniently left out of today’s Hoke presser, this must be your first time dealing w/ UM AD.”

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