Ex-Girlfriend’s Angry ‘Go F**k Yourself’ Ad in Penn State’s Daily Collegian a Hoax

A mysterious advertisement appearing earlier this week in The Daily Collegian at Penn State University triggered outsized curiosity and “general Internet delight and amusement.” The paper’s news adviser Jim Rodenbush confirms, “It’s certainly the most attention I remember us receiving over an ad.”

The full-page spot mixed heartache, revenge and a popular vulgarity. Oh yeah, it also turned out to be a hoax. Keep reading…

The advertisement appeared on page five of Wednesday’s print edition, seemingly submitted by a woman seeking to embarrass her ex-boyfriend. The ad’s two main messages were at once vague and crystal clear, running in reverse white text atop a black backdrop: “Hope She Was Worth It” and “Go F**k Yourself.”

Yowza. Yet, that wasn’t all. The anonymous woman integrated the ad into a larger smear campaign against her former lover — identified only as J or J Baby — for his apparent indiscretions that shattered the pair’s romantic bliss. The woman — who signed the Collegian ad with only the initial C — also launched a “Go F**k Yourself” Tumblr page (with the web address gofockurself.tumblr.com).

The page sports a range of updates, including screenshot copies of the break-up email C supposedly sent J and some texts J subsequently sent C. The texts, frankly, are funny, expressing disgust with her Tumblr page while simultaneously attempting to get on her good side (“Please babe. Let’s just talk it out”). There are also some separate posts on the page featuring anti-relationship and anti-J active gifs, Vine videos and a song.

The latter is the point of the whole sham endeavor. There is no C, J Baby or bad break-up. The ad is nothing more than an attempt at viral marketing.

The 411 from The Daily Dot: “Anjali Krishnan, the Daily Collegian’s business manager, told me that the ad was taken out by Capitol Music Group, the major label behind a band called My Crazy Girlfriend, whose new single ‘Go F**k Yourself,’ C refers to as ‘officially my fu*king jam’ in one of the GoFockUrself entries. Subtle.”


By the time this revelation dropped however, the ad had already blown up, at least compared to 99.99 percent of student press advertising — “trending on Reddit and widely shared on Facebook and Twitter.”

Describing it as “kind of controversial,” Krishnan, the Collegian biz manager, said it was ultimately her call to publish the ad. She was asked by the CMG team to keep quiet about all the tomfoolery surrounding it until after it ran.

The End.

What do you think? Brilliant new media marketing strategy sure to engage the college crowd? Or “another marketing department-manufactured piece of nonsense … [representing] everything that’s wrong with pop music in 2014″?


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