After Arrest, Editor at University of North Dakota Student Newspaper Steps Down

Carrie Sandstrom, the editor-in-chief of The Dakota Student at the University of North Dakota, has resigned after her arrest this past weekend on charges of “obstructing a police officer, refusing to halt for police and being a minor consuming alcohol.”

According to the Grand Forks Herald:

“Sandstrom appeared intoxicated and under 21 and refused to cooperate with officers questioning her, when stopped as she was walking with a friend in the 2900 block of University Avenue on campus about 1:30 a.m. Saturday. Sandstrom yelled at the police officers she was ‘just on her way home,’ and ‘she was fine,’ but Sandstrom refused to give her name or age and swore at police.”


First irony alert: Apparently, Sandstrom is a past “Student of the Year” recipient for the group Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) and is part of the Grand Forks Community and Campus Committee on High-Risk Alcohol Use.

Second irony alert: Sandstrom penned an op-ed about drinking responsibly published only five days before her arrest. As she wrote, “As sad as it makes me to type these words, high-risk drinking is a fact of student culture here at UND. The decision to drink in a risky way is one far too many students make; and, unfortunately, personal decisions often have consequences for many more.”


The immediate post-arrest consequences for Sandstrom: The end of her tenure as Dakota Student EIC. As of this posting, the paper has not placed anything about the arrest or resignation on its website or Twitter feed. Separately, Sandstrom has not updated her personal Twitter account since the day her Herald ‘drink responsibly’ op-ed appeared. Her last tweet, again, is sadly ironic given her current circumstances.

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