Purdue Student Newspaper Steps Up, Provides Quality Campus Shooting Coverage

The raw video from an economics class held yesterday at Purdue University is an almost eerily perfect prologue to full coverage of a campus shooting that left a teaching assistant dead, a suspect in police custody and the school at a standstill.

In the video, a professor jazzing up a standard lecture in the university’s electrical engineering building is suddenly interrupted by shouts in a nearby hallway. A moment of confusion ensues, before it is determined the noises are coming from police. Blissfully unaware the commotion is tied to a shooting only steps away, the prof rolls with it. She offers a few lighthearted jokes, mixed with slightly nervous laughter. She continues teaching. A moment later, the shouts resume. The inflection in her voice as she questions this second disruption is more serious. Then the kicker: An authoritative voice booming out from the back orders everyone to leave the building pronto. The professor complies, dropping her marker, mid-equation.

Fortunately, The Exponent is providing some answers. Along with ferreting out and posting the terrific vid, the staff at Purdue’s student paper has presented info about many aspects of the shooting and its campus-wide reverberations. The Exponent crew has been maintaining a time-stamped rundown of related news and presented photo, text and video snippets from university press conferences and a campus vigil. The pub’s Twitter feed has also featured a slew of solid updates.

In addition, capturing the mood of the school, the front page of today’s edition sports a single bolded word above the fold: Heartbroken.



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