First Student Newspaper Articles to Go Viral in 2014 are Really Old (!)

Student newspaper archives are enjoying a fun 15 minutes of fame at the start of 2014. In recent days, a pair of pieces from old issues of The Princetonian at Princeton University and The Delaware Review at the University of Delaware have been dredged up and made part of the national news cycle — one purposefully and the other mistakenly.

1) Travel with me first to 1983. A younger, much less rotund Chris Christie is UD’s student government president. In addition, at the time — more than 30 years before the bridgegate scandal would harm his political career — Christie was very excited about a bridge. A Talking Points Memo reporter uncovered the gem below from the Delaware Review.

New York Magazine explains: “The brief item highlights Christie’s elation, as Delaware Undergraduate Student Congress president, that a bridge over Delaware Route 896, which was to undergo construction, would remain open for the class of 1984’s graduation. … Some UD archivist is probably having quite the laugh right now.”

As Slate notes separately, “The political lesson that he should have taken from that: People like it when their bridges are open.”


2) Just prior to the Christie bridge archival awesomeness, a staffer at The Daily Caller made a serious, cringe-worthy error. A dude named Charles Johnson blasted out a rather explosive DC story that said a high-profile New York Times reporter had been fond of posing nude and streaking during his Princeton days more than two decades ago.

The problem? Johnson’s source was an article in a 1990 Princetonian joke issue.

The paper’s most recent joke issue appeared late last week. Beneath one of the faux news pieces posted online, the staff shared, Just in case you’re a reporter for The Daily Caller looking to dig up dirt, please note that this article is part of The Daily Princetonian’s annual joke issue. Use discretion before citing.”



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