1 Million Story Ideas Podcast: The New York City Mayor Forkgate Scandal

This past weekend, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio found himself embroiled in a wonderfully lighthearted scandal sporting a great hashtag: #forkgate. While dining out, the new leader of the world’s greatest city used a fork to eat pizza. Photographers snapped. Social media pounced. And the news media reported with glee.

From a reporting perspective, the laughable incident serves as the foundation for bevy of potential story ideas. In the latest edition of the 1 Million Story Ideas Podcast, I share a few that come to mind. The brainstorming buzzwords include eating disorders, food allergies, food entrepreneurs, competitive eaters and just good ol’ dinner.

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1 Million Story Ideas for Student Journalists

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One Response to “1 Million Story Ideas Podcast: The New York City Mayor Forkgate Scandal”
  1. Marc says:

    Nice column, we have placed the fork on display at Goodfella’s Pizza and are auctioning it off for the tunnel to towers foundation on Staten Island. Marc Cosentino