Forget Hunger Games; Student Critic Writes Glowing Review of Jennifer Lawrence’s Butt

Echo op-ed editor Dakota Sarantos recently wrote a review of “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” that is quite unlike anything ever produced in the illustrious history of cinematic criticism. The uniqueness of the Sarantos review, as laid forth in the Western Connecticut State University student newspaper: Its main focus is not the middle offering of the HG franchise, but the rear of its main star.

Yes, if you click here, you will read a one-of-a-kind gem published in The Echo headlined simply “Catching Fire Jennifer Lawrence Butt Review.


For the record, Sarantos is a fan of JLaw’s rump, giving it five stars. As Sarantos shares, “That woman has a butt that would make Moses come down from the mountain. … Her butt was the focus of every scene. There wasn’t a moment during the entire film that my eyes weren’t actively searching for it, and yet every time I laid my eyes on it I was just as surprised as the first time.”

Now, did Sarantos also like the latest HG film in which this posterior is so prominently featured? Not so much. One more snippet: “If we look deep inside we can all agree that the movie was terrible. It was completely nonsensical and at no point did I know what was going on. … Did I expect the movie to be that absurd? I did not, but ever since the ‘Inception’ debacle when people said it was a ‘good movie’ and ‘psychologically thrilling,’ I have lesser expectations when going to see big movies. But I didn’t go to see a great movie. I went to watch Jennifer Lawrence and the moon was full and fruitful. I got what I paid for and was not disappointed.”

As I previously confirmed in a separate round-up, student newspaper “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” reviews overall were much more positive. In their write-ups, students used descriptions such as “epic, dark and outstanding” and “[s]o flawless … I almost peed my pants.” To be clear, unlike the Sarantos critique, those reviews are talking about the actual film, not Jennifer Lawrence’s derrière.

Happy Wednesday.


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