Harvard Crimson Publishes Special Edition Covering Campus Bomb Scare

Finals week be damned! The Harvard Crimson has unleashed some top-notch, all-in, rapid-response journalism the past two days — covering the logistics, consequences and mysteries of a campus bomb scare. The staff’s work is especially laudable given its occurrence at a point in the semester in which college media are normally MIA.

Police have determined the bomb threat was ultimately unfounded, the result of a Harvard University sophomore anxious to get out of taking exams. But from the moment it reverberated across the Ivy League school Monday morning the Crimson was on the case.

It initially provided real-time coverage on its Twitter account, focused on details such as building evacuations, law enforcement intervention and exam postponements. (As New York Daily News reports, one of the paper’s tweets revealed that Harvard students cheered at the news that some Monday exams had been canceled — alas, they will apparently be made up.)

Motivated staffers also put together a special extra print edition that dropped yesterday. Stories in the issue — and separate online updates and email alerts — touch on a range of bomb-scare news including some background on the student suspect, the legal implications of his wrongdoing, a photo essay capturing the fairly controlled chaos, a rundown of how students coped with it all and a review of related outside media coverage. A separate timeline on the special issue’s front page offers a minute-by-minute recounting of events as they unfolded.

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