After Sudden Summer Shutdown, Community College’s Student Newspaper Still Dead

Months after a sudden, unexpected shutdown this summer, the student newspaper at the Community College of Denver remains dead.

Bottom line, the Campus Connection is but a memory right now at CCD. Empty newsstands are still scattered across campus. Confusion remains about the whereabouts of the computers and other equipment once housed in the newsroom. No immediate plans have been laid out on when or how the paper may reboot. Instead, there is only a behind-the-scenes tale related to its undoing that is more than a bit cringeworthy.

Cue The Advocate. In a recent report, the student paper at nearby University of Colorado Denver shares the backstory of how the Campus Connection suddenly ceased to exist, leaving dozens of paid student staffers canned and a faculty adviser clueless.


The gist, according to the Advocate, and summarized here in seven two-word sentences: Declining enrollment. Budget troubles. Cutbacks needed. Shady meeting. Connection cut. Explanations vague. Subsequent confusion.

Among the many questions that remain for me: Why weren’t the adviser and staffers involved in this decision-making at all? And why such a drastic move — surely a reduction in staff pay or printing amount or frequency might have done the trick at least temporarily?

In a tweet promoting their story, Advocate editors asked another: Without a campus newspaper at CCD, “[i]s the student voice being heard?”

The one-word summary of my answer: No.

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