Student Editors: Before Finals, Post Staff Selfies (with a Chicken?)

With a late, unexpected entry into this year’s race, The Daily Nebraskan has officially claimed the 2013 prize for Most Random Image Involving Student Media Staffers & Animals.

In February, The Independent Florida Alligator team at the University of Florida rocked out a newsroom rendition of the Harlem Shake. It involves a staffer getting down in a purple gorilla suit. #Random

Months later, The Daily Cougar crew at the University of Houston informally hired a kitten with incredibly soulful eyes named Thomas O’Malley as their newest cub reporter. I dare you to look at the photos below and not say aww. #Random



But ultimately, the gorilla and feline fall short to TDN’s animal-image efforts.

The student paper at the University of Nebraska posted staff selfies the other day in honor of the selection of “selfie” as Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year. Most are normal — falling under selfie categories such as artsy, at work, trippy, moody and filled with friends. One though is especially #Random.



For some reason, in the last photo in the set (which the paper admits is not an actual selfie), Daily Nebraskan reporter Reece Ristau is smiling widely against the nighttime sky — and holding a chicken. Umm, why, exactly, is Ristau holding a chicken?


According to the Instagram user who posted it, “The chicken tried to cross the road, but Reece stopped it.”

Oh, OK, because that makes sense. :)

My hearty congrats to Ristau and the Daily Nebraskan for this obviously prestigious honor. And to student editors everywhere, have your staff take and post selfies ASAP — preferably before you start studying for final exams.

P.S. I’ve reached out to the Cougar for an update on Thomas the cat!


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