Alabama Student’s Open Letter to Football Player Apologizing for ‘Fake Fans’ Goes Viral

A University of Alabama student blog post has gone mega-viral in the wake of the UA football team’s stunning last-second loss to cross-state rival Auburn University.

Kaitlin Goins, a UA public relations major and self-professed “huge Alabama football fan,” penned the post Sunday as an open letter of support for the team’s beleaguered field goal kicker Cade Foster. After missing three field goals on Saturday during the most recent edition of the annual Alabama-Auburn rivalry game, “Foster has been ridiculed online and even sent death threats” by some angry UA supporters.


Goins was shaken by the vitriol she saw being tossed at him. She tells, “I was emotional to say the least. When I logged onto social media sites and saw the trending topics, I heard … family friends [in her head, based on past interactions] saying, ‘Pray for him and his family. The weight of the loss will fall on him.’ I was heartbroken for Cade. So, I did the only thing I know to do, write.”


In her letter, Goins apologizes for those she deems “fake Alabama fans.” As she explains,

“You see, real fans don’t boo the kicker off the field after missing a field goal at the most-pressured game in the year at the opponent’s stadium. Real fans don’t yell hateful comments about any team member, no matter what the error. Real fans stand behind their team all 60 minutes of every game AND every single day of the year. And, especially in your case, real fans do not forget the back-to-back national titles you assisted in the past two years. … So Cade Foster, whatever you choose to do after you leave your collegiate career behind, I, Kaitlin Goins, will be behind you. If you chose to play in the NFL, I will follow your career. If I had a fantasy team, you would be my first pick. If you chose to work, I’m behind you 100 percent. If you chose to start a family, I hope you have the most beautiful kids and dress them in Crimson and White.”

Her kudos for the kicker — posted on her personal blog — amassed more than a half million hits in its first day online. The blog regularly attracts closer to just 1,000 visitors. It has also garnered more than 750 comments and counting — she says “most of the feedback has been positive from fans: Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Ohio State, FSU and the list continues.”

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