Spartan Daily at San Jose State Serves Up Special ‘Food for Thought’ Issue

The Spartan Daily served a special food issue late last week. The San Jose State University student newspaper’s 12-page “Food for Thought” edition features a range of edible, readable pieces on what it dubs its “menu.”

Among the article topics: food waste at campus eateries (and efforts to control it); the real story behind sports drinks and, separately, stadium food; and the vegan, vegetarian and frequent-coffee-drinking student lifestyles.


The most in-depth story is an emotional narrative documenting the travails of one Mexican farming family who “said they had no choice but to risk an undocumented crossing through the desert into the United States nearly seven years ago.” A separate first-person piece tells the tale of a non-traditional student who lost 50 pounds but still feels fat in a society obsessed with an ever-skinnier body image. Another personal write-up from an Asian-American student breaks down the difficulty Americans have “discerning authentic East Asian food from Americanized East Asian ‘cuisine,’ especially with restaurants like Panda Express and P.F. Chang’s around.”


Multimedia extras, all viewable on the paper’s website and through QR code scans of the print issue: a video detailing “A Day in the Life of a Food Trucker”; a funny man-on-the-street sampling of students attempting to pronounce foreign food names from bruschetta to pommes frites; a vid attempting to answer the question “Is it really cheaper to make your favorite dishes from restaurants yourself?”; and a cooking show of sorts spotlighting two SJSU students offering a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect pumpkin pie tartlets just in time for Halloween.

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