Emerald at Oregon Seeking a New President: ‘Lead the Revolution’

The Emerald Media Group at the University of Oregon is looking for a leader on the professional staff level to replace outgoing publisher extraordinaire Ryan Frank.

As the EMG crew explains in a new job announcement: “We want someone who is obsessive about journalism and the business of producing it. But we also want a leader who thinks differently. We need someone who can take what we started with our Revolution and make it bigger and better. If that sounds like you, keep reading.”


A bit about the president position: “The president sets clear business objectives for the company and works with the editor in chief to ensure the newsroom’s annual strategies are compatible with the company’s long-term plans. The president and editor in chief work together to develop the newsroom’s annual budget, the print publication schedule and the themes and topics of news coverage across all print and digital platforms. The President is expected to provide support for the editor in chief and newsroom through professional mentoring and, when appropriate, editorial suggestions. However, the editor in chief retains final authority on all news content.”


College Newspaper of the Year, 2012-2013: The Emerald, University of Oregon

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