Wisconsin Student Writer’s Confession: ‘I Took Acid & Went to a Badger Football Game’

A head-throbbingly funny first-person feature involving illegal drugs and college football appeared in yesterday’s issue of The Badger Herald at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

In the piece, student writer Dieter Von Schröder shares the details of a unique experience he undertook this past Saturday centered on an early season pigskin battle between Wisconsin and Purdue. The headline says it all: “I Took Acid and Went to a Badger Football Game.


But he did not engage in either activity alone. Instead, Schröder imbibed some LSD with a friend he slyly dubs Benicio del Incognito. Throughout gameday, which ultimately proved mega-victorious for the Badgers, Incognito apparently delivered an endless stream of acid-inspired quotable quotes.

Among the standouts, recounted faithfully by Schröder (who was either taking very faithful notes the whole time or quite lucidly recalled events after the LSD buzz faded):

“The sun off the Astroturf– it’s beautiful. … This is awesome. There’s so much sensory overload. Just look at that willow tree. … It’s just like a cacophony of sounds. Everything’s still really green around here, so it feels not unlike a jungle. … When I was in the bathroom upstairs, I turned the sink on and just stared at the mirror. My face, more or less, at that point, faded away. But the sounds of the water were everywhere. I could feel it washing over me. It was the most immersive experience in the world. … It’s almost like a video gamey experience. … For a fraction of a moment, everything is perfect in the world– the sun shining, the ‘Toy Story’ clouds in the background. FUCK YOU, PURDUE!”

The piece follows in the footsteps of Vice’s “On Acid!” occasional series, which features drugged-up individuals taking part in a variety of events and activities– from the Westminster Dog Show to public speaking.


The commenters beneath the Badger Herald offshoot seem mixed on its relative significance. As one reader noted, “This was beautiful, a true glimpse into the underbelly of college life.” A separate less-impressed critic: “Wow, someone took acid? Like, real acid? For real? They really did it? And then they told their friends every mental play-by-play that was going on because their ego couldn’t recognize these experiences were only new to them and not the rest of the world? And their friend’s ego felt compelled to explain to the word this new phenomenon as if people weren’t aware of how acid works? WHAT AN EGO TRIP!”


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