University of Maryland Journalism Students Cover Navy Yard Shooting, Aftermath

Earlier this week, in various Washington D.C. locales, University of Maryland student journalists joined professional journalists in their coverage of the Navy Yard shooting madness.

Specifically, a small group of undergraduate and graduate students from UMD’s Philip Merrill College of Journalism reported in real time during the tragedy and in its immediate aftermath for the college’s student-staffed Capital News Service


As Brandon Goldner, a UMD senior, tells Merrill senior communications manager David Ottalini:

“I was all over the place from outside Nationals Park where families were reunited with trapped loved ones to an apartment in Arlington speaking with a Terp alum who was one floor above the shooter to the eerie emptiness of the neighborhood surrounding Navy Yard at night. It wasn’t until I was by myself in that neighborhood, where I was getting the reaction from area residents, that I truly began to think of the gravity of today’s events. I spoke with one woman who talked about how she cried for several hours after hearing the news. She survived the 1998 Capitol Hill shooting of two police officers so she brought a unique perspective to the day’s events. While the tragedy of the event weighed on my mind after that interview, I couldn’t help but think how surreal it was that I was at the center of this big story that the entire country was watching.”

Below is video Goldner captured for the CNS providing a rundown of local resident reactions.

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