Funny Student Press Headline #22: ‘Can the Economics Dept Stop Ruining My Life?’

Rutgers University senior Bhaie Mustafa is mad as hell at the school’s economics department. In a recent op-ed in The Daily Targum, RU’s student paper, Mustafa lays out a range of gripes, some slightly eye-opening — from limited course offerings to possibly racist pre-req clearances. 

In Mustafa’s words, “My first nightmare began when I had to register for classes. The economics department only offers a limited number of courses for its majors, all of which immediately close right when time strikes 12:01 a.m. on opening night of registration. … Another major issue I don’t even want to get started on is prerequisites. Intermediate micro is a prerequisite for every upper level economics class — unless you’re a pretty white girl. I acted according to this understanding, so imagine my shock when I found out one of my friends was taking an upper-level course while simultaneously taking the intermediate micro prerequisite. I figured I could do the same thing, right? Wrong again, my friends.”

The headline for the piece, an open question splattered with severe frustration: “Can the Economics Department Stop Ruining My Life?



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