Ohio State Students Stumble Across Secret Roommate in Their Basement

An incredibly odd story about off-campus housing at Ohio State University is rightfully earning attention and a growing number of web hits in Buckeye country and beyond.

According to The Lantern, OSU’s campus newspaper, a group of male students leasing a typical fixer-upper home near the school were also unknowingly rooming with “some random guy”— in their basement.

As Lantern assistant multimedia editor Chelsea Spears reports, the students initially joked about having a ghost when they found the doors to their cupboards, ovens and microwaves open without explanation.

A subsequent search of the home’s basement brought their tale into horror movie territory. Specifically, the students stumbled across a locked door that was not shielding a series of “weird noises like dings and alarms” coming from behind it.

“The roommates thought a locked door in the basement led to a utility closet,” Lantern staffer Kathleen Martini confirms. “When maintenance workers knocked the door down, they found a bedroom complete with framed photographs and textbooks.”

The secret bedroom belonged to a young man named Jeremy, who apparently attends OSU. He was not home when the room was discovered and was quickly evicted — although the students facilitated contact with him beforehand and allowed him to move out his stuff.

“He was a really nice guy,” said OSU student and legal house resident Brett Mugglin. “I feel bad for him. It’s just, he wasn’t supposed to be living there … It’s funny now, but it potentially could have been extremely dangerous given that some random guy had a key to our house and was just living in our house without anyone knowing.”

To read the rest, click here or on the screenshot below.


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