New Student Fashion Trend: The Underbutt Shorts Outbreak

The latest fashion trend on college campuses is apparently emerging from behind. Underbutt shorts are a new “intentional design choice” favored by some female students.

They are, quite simply, very, very short shorts that purposefully and provocatively (or revoltingly?) reveal the lower part of an individual’s buttocks.

According to Lauren Adamson in a fun write-up for The Independent Florida Alligator at the University of Florida:

“From malls to music festivals to university campuses, you will see the young getting behind the trend. And I wonder, is this the first of many fashion crazes I am not going to understand? Though I have grown out of my teenage years, I’m still young. I like fashion; I’m not prudish, but I think these shorts would be uncomfortable and problematic. Walking across campus right now is like taking a trip to the sauna, but immediately having to go to work before you have time to towel off. I can just imagine the wet blobs of human dough protruding from cinched hems sitting and sticking to bus seats and lecture hall chairs.”


The most priceless quote, by far, in Adamson’s piece, from a female grad student at UF: “I wouldn’t want to sit down in a lecture hall class chair if I knew someone with underbutt had been sitting there.”

Happy Labor Day. :)

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