Texas Student’s ‘Amazingly Sexist Blog Post’ Inspires Massive Viral Hate

I have been keeping this blog for five years and this may be the oddest sentence I’ve ever typed: Thor, what were you thinking?!?!

Thor Lund, last year’s student government president at the University of Texas at Austin, is currently ensnarled in a campus and media maelstrom of his own making. The cause: a 5,000-word post on his personal blog offering a range of supposed insights on how to properly select, bed and treat college women in contemporary times.

The faux truisms all stem from the past experiences of this apparent collegiate Adonis. As the treatise’s straightforward headline exclaims, it’s focused on “What I’ve Learned About Women.

I’ll be frank: It’s awful-tastic. The post features a multitude of misogynistic, egomaniacal and head-scratching instructions on what makes women tick. At one point there is a reference to toenail care and the female genital region — it’s not even close to the low water mark, folks.


The highlights, pulled from the cached version of the now-deleted post:

  • “When you start treating one girl like she is special you will lose her. Women are special as a whole, but individually they are not, except for your sisters and mom and wife. Those ones are special. But regular girls at college and the bars, they aren’t special. Newsflash for everyone who is so in love with the first girl they met. I can find one hundred million girls that look just like her but speak two languages. They live in Europe and they can cook way better than your so called perfect woman.
  • “Some day those perky breasts are going to sag below the belt line, and that toned ass is going to be all wrinkly and disgusting. At that point it’s not about the sexual attraction, it’s about the emotional attachment.”
  • “The third and most important place you can look at a woman is her toes. Why? Because the toes tell all. If her feet are pretty and her nails are painted then you can assume the rest of her body is well groomed and cleaned. If she has gross feet, then chances are she has gross you know what and you will want to avoid that at all costs.”
  • “The final piece of advice I have for talking to girls is to confuse them. Honestly they deserve it, they have perplexed men since the beginning of time when they tricked us to eat the devil’s food in the garden of eden. Give them a taste of their own medicine. If you can confuse their brain, then they will go home with you.”

Given the extreme sentiments and Lund’s UT-Austin A-list stature, the “amazingly sexist blog post” has spread fast, inspiring massive amounts of viral hate on campus, within social media and among portions of the press. One tweeter calls him “a terrible representation of the University of Texas. He should be ashamed of himself and the comments he made.” A Tumblr post says he “has gone from misogynistic, transphobic, narcissistic douchebag to international poster-boy for male privilege and sexism in record time.”


And, after branding him a douchebag, a Jezebel piece pretends he has “inadvertently pieced together the world’s first definitive guide to what constitutes a woman, an invaluable sociological tool sure to be utilized by academics and journalists for generations.”

The Daily Texan fired the first shot. The student newspaper used Lund’s own words against him, sarcastically compiling a list of faux truths it gleaned from his rundown.

Among them: “1. Though women spend most of the day telling lies, once they’ve slept with Thor, they are completely and utterly honest, having been spellbound by his naked body and his interest in their stupid purses. Even if he once vomited on them. … 6. Women are important because they can get pregnant, become mothers and care for young children. Young children like Thor.”


Lund has (sort of) apologized for the post, saying it was nothing more than “tongue-in-cheek thoughts” and regretting that it led to the loss of a close female friend. He has also apparently dropped out of UT and left Austin — at least temporarily — and disabled his Facebook and Twitter accounts. Prior to shutting down and skipping town though, he did put together a pair of parting shots directed at the Texan.

In his words, “[M]y ad revenue is more than you will bring in this month [from what — his blog?] and I know because I have all your financial documents from when I sat on the committee that gave you a couple hundred thousand dollars so you could practice unethical journalism, should I do an article on all the money laundering that has gone on the past couple of years at TSM [Texas Student Media, the Texan’s overseeing body]?”



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