College Media Podcast: Student Media, the World & the ‘Snow Fall’ Challenge

Welcome to the latest installment of the College Media Podcast.  The CMP is a collaborative venture between me and Bryan Murley from the Center for Innovation in College Media.

The podcast’s aim: spotlighting big college media news, standout student press work and an array of helpful and innovative sites, programs and tech tools. 

1In our latest episode, we dive into one of the most frequent, timeless debates within student press circles (and one I’ve featured in recent separate posts): Should college media feature news and opinion pieces about off-campus issues — or stick to school and student matters?

In addition, we discuss the continued journalistic impact of last year’s instantly-iconic New York Times “Snow Fall” project. And we wonder aloud about whether and when a student press version will debut.

To that end, Bryan officially issues a call-to-arms for college media to step up and create a digital report sporting a similar scope and spirit of innovation. His name for it: the Snowfall challenge.



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